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Talent Pool Development

budget cutsThe individual and talent pool development system should, align individual aspirations and capabilities with the company’s current and future needs so that the interests of both can be served.

In Requisite Organization, the individual and talent pool development practices and procedures are designed to increase productivity, create trust inducing employment relationships, and to foster conditions where each employee is provided the greatest opportunity for creative expression through the work performed for the company.

The individual and talent pool development system is designed to address the following needs:

–   an accurate catalogue of employee capabilities
–   a method for predicting the evolution of those capabilities over time
–   recognition of employees for who they are and what they can actually do
–   processes which help provide employees with a road map to success, and
–   feedback mechanisms which are designed to prevent error and focus upon the effectiveness with which the employee works to achieve results.

In Requisite Organization talent pool development is designed to produce accurate judgments regarding the capabilities of employees and to make accurate predictions about their evolution. It is a comprehensive system incorporating talent pool mapping, selection, recruitment, mentoring, lateral transfers and individual career development. The purpose of talent pool development is to align employee capabilities with the long-term strategy, and to identify areas in the company where there is or will be insufficient capability to achieve the organizational goals. The establishment of talent pool development unifies the individual capabilities with the strategic thrust of the company, while maintaining a sufficient degree of flexibility to allow the company to adapt to the maturation of the individual and to the changing circumstances of the world at large.


Talent Pool Development (TPD): system for the development of a population of employees who have a distribution of current and future potential capability to discharge the company’s current and future human resourcing requirements. The system includes talent pool mapping, selection, recruitment, mentoring, lateral transfers and other methods of individual career development.

Readings in Jaques’ Requisite Organization, A Total System … for the 21st Century, second edition [ISBN 1-886436-04-5], see Managerial Leadership Practices, pp 116-118.

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