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Requisite Organization – The Only Total System Approach to Management


A unified whole system for effective managerial leadership that is integrated, flexible, fair and effectively productive.

Requisite Organization is the term created by Elliott Jaques to refer to the only total system approach to the effective management of work, including structure, leadership processes and human resources. The concepts and practices embedded in Requisite Organization are the result of the systematic application of numerous scientific discoveries about the nature of work and the nature of individual’s capacity for work.

Requisite Organization is an evolving model based on more than 60 years of continuing scientific research by Elliott Jaques, aided, supported and validated by the research of colleagues around the world.

Science Based Management

cross-functional-relationships role-accountability individual-capability managerial-leadership-practices talent-pool-development felt-fair-compensation

Organization StructureOrganization Structure

Role Accountability and Authority
Vertical Layering
Cross-Functional Relationships

Organization ProcessOrganization Processes

Managerial Leadership Practices
Felt Fair Compensation

People at WorkPeople at Work

Individual Capability
Talent Pool Development

Whole System, Integrated, Flexible, Fair,

Effectively Productive


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Further, you may want to access information about Elliott Jaques, including his Biography, a Timeline of Research from 1947 to the present, and an extensive Bibliography citing the work of Jaques and others in the specialized area of Stratified Systems Theory and Requisite Organization. Visit our Library for more information and free downloads, and visit the Cason Hall & Co. Publishers Store to purchase the works of Elliott Jaques as well as implementation support tools.