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Access the world renowned works of Dr. Elliott Jaques and other contributors at the Cason Hall & Co. Book Store. Click on any title below to be directed to pricing and purchase information. To read customer reviews of several of Jaques’ titles, click here. Current titles available include:

Requisite Organization A Total System for Effective Managerial Organization & Managerial Leadership for the 21st Century. Click here to read reviews.

Note: When purchasing from any source other than Our Store [Cason Hall & Co. Publishers] please be sure to purchase the Revised Second Edition of Requisite Organization [ISBN: ISBN 1-886436-04-5]. Older versions of Requisite Organization are still offered on Amazon and other sources but are outdated and do not contain the most current research and knowledge on RO.

Elliott Jaques ISBN 1-886436-04-5

The Life and Behavior of Living Organisms

Ten years in the writing, Elliott has put together the implications of his findings from 55 years of practical consultancy research. Click here to read reviews.

Elliott Jaques ISBN 0-275-97501-0
Social Power and the CEO Written for CEOs, Jaques draws attention to the powerful impact CEOs have upon people and society, and to the quality of the managerial leadership systems by which they run their companies. Click here to read reviews. Elliott Jaques ISBN 1-56 720-551-8
Human Capability A study of Human Capability and Its Maturation. Click here to read reviews. Elliott Jaques and Kathryn Cason ISBN 0-9621070-7-7
Executive Leadership A Practical Guide to Managing Complexity. Click here to read reviews. Elliott Jaques and Stephen Clement ISBN 0-9621070-1-8
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International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies 2005 Special Issue: Elliott Jaques 1: The Contributions of Elliott Jaques Douglas Kirsner, Editor
International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies 2006 Special Issue Elliott Jaques 2: Further applications and developments. Douglas Kirsner, Editor


Working Papers

ROII Provides Intriguing Science Based Management Research

The titles below are Working Papers developed by Elliott Jaques, Kathryn Cason and others. Check back soon for full descriptions of these working papers and information on downloading.

1000 Series: Introduction and Basic Concepts


What Is Requisite Organization Anyhow? Achieving Effective Organization for Sustained Success

Elliott Jaques

1003 Alchemy & Management Science Elliott Jaques
1004 On Trust, Good and Evil Elliott Jaques
1005 Essential Developments in Bureaucracy Elliott Jaques
1006 Summary of Findings from Research Elliott Jaques
1008 Measurement of Time-Span of a Role Elliott Jaques
1009 Teams and Team Working Elliott Jaques
1010 Organization of Cross-Functional Processes Elliott Jaques
1011 The Control of Process Variance Elliott Jaques
1012 A Note on Empowerment Elliott Jaques
1013 Basic Requirements for Hospital Organization Elliott Jaques

2000 Series: On Mental Processing, Capability and Related Issues

2001 Comparison of Categories of Complexity of Mental Processing with Piaget’s Developmental Stages Elliott Jaques with Kathryn Cason
2002 The Mental Processes of Modern Logic Elliott Jaques with Kathryn Cason
2003 Maturation of Potential Capability Elliott Jaques with Kathryn Cason
2004 Three Basic Categories of Human Work Capability Elliott Jaques with Kathryn Cason

3000 Series: On RO Implementation and Practice

3001 Implementing Requisite Organization Elliott Jaques
3002 Five Special Organizational Studies Elliott Jaques
3003 Four Studies from the Glacier Project Elliott Jaques
3005 Str-II Managerial Leadership Elliott Jaques



Explore Science Based Management Concepts and Theories through ROII White Papers

The titles below are Articles written by Dr. Elliott Jaques and others, published in various journals and magazines. Check back soon for full descriptions of these articles and information on downloading.

Creating a Requisite Organization Canadian Management Association Kathryn Cason
In Praise of Hierarchy Harvard Business Review Elliott Jaques
Managerial Accountability Elliott Jaques
Managerial Leadership – The Key to Good Organization Elliott Jaques
The Long View of Leadership Alexander Ross
Why the Psychoanalytical Approach to Understanding Organizations is Dysfunctional Elliott Jaques


Dr. Jaques’ Lecture and Discussion at APA Consulting Psychology Division – CD set Elliott Jaques
Executive Seminar Audio Program Complete Set (CD) Elliott Jaques
Executive Leadership Audio Book Elliott Jaques
Executive Leadership Audio Book with Hard Cover Print Edition Elliott Jaques


Older Titles
A General Theory of Bureaucracy One of Jaques’ most widely read titles, he outlines a rigorous and systematic definition of bureaucracy to examine all employment systems—in industry and commerce, public and social administration, education, and in religious and military organization. Elliott Jaques
Creativity and Work Contains Dr. Jaques’ essay on his well known conception of “Midlife Crisis” Elliott Jaques
Equitable Payment A general theory of work, differential payment, and individual progress. Elliott Jaques
Fair Pay and Work Presents dramatic evidence of the validity of Jaques’ time span of discretion as a yardstick for measuring levels of work and for organizing differential pay fairly and effectively. Roy Richardson
Levels of Abstraction in Logic and Human Action Includes the mathematical models which first prompted Jaques to collaborate with Drs. John Isaac and Roland Gibson in the world of discontinuity theory, truth-table logic… E. Jaques, RO Gibson and DJ Isaac
Measurement of Responsibility It was the course of practical work by the author in collaboration with members of the Glacier Metal Company during the fifties that it was discovered that what is experienced by individuals… Elliott Jaques
The Changing Culture of a Factory This is the report of the first three years of work carried out by Elliott Jaques on behalf of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in collaboration with the Glacier Metal Company… Elliott Jaques
The Form of Time The nature of time has always been a tantalizing problem. Elliott Jaques
Time-Span Handbook The Glacier Project is famous throughout the world for the new attitudes and techniques it developed in the field of management and industrial relations. Elliott Jaques
Free Enterprise, Fair Employment Introduces one of the few genuinely new perspectives on the problems of inflation and unemployment in democratic industrial societies. Elliott Jaques
Glacier Project Papers The Glacier Project is famous throughout the world for the new attitudes and techniques it developed in the field of management and industrial relations. Elliott Jaques with Wilfred Brown