Metallurgical Decisions: Complexity and Capability

Metallurgical Operations around the world face ever-increasing number of challenges that impact their effectiveness, margin and return on capital employed. As a result of these feed market conditions, metallurgical and smelting companies need to develop and manage more complex metallurgical models, circuits and flowsheets with an increased number of interdependencies impacting metallurgical and business decision making.

Thus, one of the main questions that metallurgical and smelting companies face is “Do we have capable metallurgical personnel to make effective and consistent metallurgical decisions in the context of constantly increasing metallurgical complexity of our concentrate / feed options?”

Requisite Organization International Institute and En-Sync 8020 introduced the Metallurgy Capability System to improve the quality of metallurgical decision making.

The description of key research findings and ideas on Metallurgy Capability is attached. If you are interested in an application of the requisite principles at metallurgical operations , have your opinion about Metallurgical Decision Making and would like to know more, please contact Requisite Organization International Institute.

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