Metallurgical Knowledge Operationalization

EURO 2019 — 30TH European Conference

At EURO 2019 — 30TH European Conference on Operational Research Rebecca Cason, President of Requisite Organization International Institute, presented our research on the issues and potential improvements in Knowledge Retention and Operationalization at Metallurgical Operations.

Our research shows that poor management of metallurgical knowledge is caused by low maturity of metallurgy standardization, especially, in relation to so-called BIG6 metallurgical business processes. As a result of poor metallurgical standardization, metallurgical companies end up relying upon individual skilled knowledge and experiences of the metallurgists that became a significant and impactful problem during the current wave of retirements among the metallurgists.

Slides with key research notes and ideas are attached. For more information contact Requisite Organization International Institute.

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