Diversity & Inclusion

The Requisite Insights

Diversity & Inclusion is a popular topic that everybody is talking about:

• Heaps of various articles, books and video clips are made about Diversity & Inclusion, how D&I is good for businesses, impacts productivity and performs miracles.
• In many companies, banners and posters for Diversity & Inclusion are replacing banners and posters for values of organizational culture or engagement or collaboration.
• Many companies introduce the roles of Diversity & Inclusion Manager, or Diversity, Inclusion, Wellbeing Manager, or Inclusion and Engagement Director, or Diversity Engagement Manager, and all other variations with these words in Titles.

However, despite being a popular discussion point among the executives, there are still some gaps and questions to be clarified based on Requisite Organization International Institute & En-Sync 8020’s survey and research based on the principles of Requisite Organization.

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