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Digitalization is a popular theme for business transformation at present. Executives are being bombarded with multiple digital technologies to improve profitability of their businesses.

In essence, digitalization is about transforming the information nature of work by employing digital technologies.

Dr Elliott Jaques was a leading thinker on the issues of nature of work and its components and one of the first scientists who understood the importance of information and introduced the concept of information processing and orders of information complexity.

Therefore, at Requisite Organization International Institute we developed an application of requisite definitions of work and related terms to an issue of digital development.

The description of the insights from Requisite Organization on an issue of digital development is attached.

Check for updates regarding an application of the requisite principles in regard to digital development:
• application of the ideas on Requisite Digitalization at Mining & Metal companies.
• application of orders of information complexity to evaluate the information complexity of a business process

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