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Requisite Organization International Institute (USA) was founded in 1999 by Elliott Jaques and Kathryn Cason to continue development and expansion of research on the application of Requisite Organization, an integrated system of management arising from Jaques’ Stratified Systems Theory. Jaques’ tenth book, A General Theory of Bureaucracy (1976) integrates 25 years of basic science research underpinning Stratified System Theory. Another 27 years of research and 11 books reporting the findings made by Jaques and colleagues, forms the foundation of Institute’s research and development.

“For me, what is at stake is too important to leave to chance. If we continue in the way we have done with badly managed managerial hierarchies, the impact, I believe, can and will make a very substantial contribution to undermining effective free-enterprise pluralist democracy. These organizations are ubiquitous, but their nature has been shrouded in haze—we must take up the task of dispelling the haze.

Kathryn and I founded the Institute to provide authoritative guidance and global access to my life-long body of work, and the work of colleagues, developed over 60+ years of sustained inquiry, testing and validation: the basic science research that established and validated Stratified Systems Theory, and the applied research underpinning Requisite Organization.

Requisitely organized, requisitely managed, with effective managerial leadership, employment hierarchies can make and must make a very substantial contribution to the development of sounder, healthier, more effective, free-enterprise pluralist democratic society—that’s their significance and that, for me, is what is at stake in trying to get good and effective management.”

Elliott Jaques

Aims of Requisite Organization International Institute

  • Manage the body of knowledge developed by Dr. Elliott Jaques.
  • Analyse the existing body of knowledge developed by Dr Elliott Jaques.
  • Coordinate and support the scientific research via PhD programmes.
  • Advance the development of Stratified Systems Theory into new fields (Circular Economy, Macro-economics, Political Systems Analysis, Cognitive Development, Neuro Science, etc.).
  • Partner with various Universities and Research Institutions around the world.
  • Expand the application of Requisite Organization.
  • Provide authoritative guidance for the development of tools and resources which contribute to and support the implementation of Requisite Organization (RO) in organizations and institutions around the world.
  • Identify business issues and needs that require further scientific research for Requisite Organizational International Institute.
  • Partner with consulting companies around the world to advance the implementation of Requisite Organization and Requisite Products.

Partnership with En-Sync 8020 (UK)

Requisite Organization International Institute formed the partnership with En-Sync 8020, management consultancy from UK, with the objectives to:
  • Develop strong links to operational improvements and methods within Requisite Organization.
  • Update operational improvement tools / consulting methods using requisite principles.
  • Deliver projects aimed at implementing Requisite Organization as the Total Management System.
  • Develop operational improvement consultants on Requisite Organization to form the group of consultants knowledgeable and capable of implementing Requisite Organization as the only Total Management System.
  • Identify operational improvement issues that can be dealt with by applying the principles of Requisite Organization.

“The celebration of ROII’s twentieth anniversary is a time to look forward and a time to expand our foundation—to solidify the vision, commitment and practices that bring so much value and benefit to companies, organizations, people, nations, and the global community.

As envisioned by Dr. Jaques, establishing social systems that operationalise our collective human values is foundational to RO, and particularly relevant—Elliott would say, ‘imperative’—in our employment systems, where the abundance of human capability contributes to our modern society. The goal of RO is to allow each person to effectively participate in the responsible stewardship of our societies’ social systems.

As we see at the company level—with much success—the implementation of RO principles helps establish the cornerstones of social, environmental and economic outcomes, which are experienced locally, nationally and globally. This is the mission, purpose and values to which Dr. Jaques dedicated his body of work.

The RO System is a total system, embedded with dynamic and ever-evolving programmes that adapt to changing circumstances. It achieves outstanding results. However, too often, some organizations submit to the tendency of isolating one or two facets of RO and overlook the underlying principles, thereby, failing to deliver the results that a genuine, integrated Requisite improvement programme can deliver.

With this in mind, and in our ongoing pursuit of anchoring the development of all RO applications in the total system, we are partnering with En-Sync 8020, and industry-specific subject matter experts, with whom we will further develop Requisite Organization applications so as to ensure they are anchored in the total system and tailored to the full scope of potential improvement. We invite your participation in these developments.

We celebrate our past with a commitment to the future.”

Rebecca Cason, President, Requisite Organization International Institute

“Understanding what is important and the changing needs of our customers and clients are the key to being able to develop a consulting service that continues to add real and significant value. Understanding the competitive nature and flaws of multiple industries has also enabled us to develop something unique. En-Sync 8020 Ltd has always respected the original thinking of management scientists and the tools that have resulted. However, we recognise in isolation, tools that support operational or business process improvements may be limited in terms of benefits and detrimentally may even cause additional organisational complexity for clients and customers. Many of our clients have recognised through their experiences, the futile attempts at making successive gains through employing an array of consultancies, which through their implementation methods and with the best of intentions erase or erode the efforts and benefits of the consultants that have come before them. Our partnership with the Requisite Organization International Institute has enabled us to develop tailor-made solutions using an array of management science tools that have been assimilated with the Requisite language and principles, then adapted to our client’s organisational context to ensure a complete systems approach that results in significant triple bottom line benefits for our clients and customers.”

Statement from Kevin Burt, Director of En-Sync 8020 (UK) about the partnership with Requisite Organization International Institute
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