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The Requisite Organization International Institute was established in 1999 to provide support and services to those engaged in implementation and further development of the work on human organizational development begun by Elliott Jaques as Stratified Systems Theory over sixty years ago.

Today, the Institute supports implementations around the globe, helping companies achieve success never before possible.

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The aim of ROII is to provide access to and authoritative knowledge about the full body of work in human organization and human capability developed by Dr. Jaques (and colleagues) over 55+ years of research and application, and to provide authoritative guidance for the development of tools and resources which contribute to and support the implementation of Requisite Organization (RO) in organizations and institutions around the world.

ROII will continue to focus on supporting organizations engaged in implementation of RO by providing practical and targeted services to senior managers and boards of directors interested in managing and growing highly effective and innovative organizations with integrity. In addition the Institute provides guidance and support to those seeking to conduct research and development in the Institute’s specialized areas.

Who We Are
An International Team of RO Experts

The Requisite Organization International Institute is comprised of a team of RO professionals from around globe. As researchers, theorists, instructors and advisors, we are committed to continuing the ground breaking work developed by Dr. Elliott Jaques. Click here to Meet the ROII Team.

Our Mission

The mission of the Requisite Organization International Institute is to ensure that Dr. Jaques’ published work is continuously available, to make relevant unpublished work accessible, to educate professionals, academics and others who are interested, about RO, to assist and support those who are interested in implementing the total managerial leadership system, Requisite Organization, and to further the body of work and knowledge on organization of work and recognition of human capability begun by Dr. Jaques in the 1950s.

Having seen the tremendous power and organizational benefits of this system put into place in publicly and privately-held corporations, government agencies around the world, it is the aim of ROII that Jaques’ body of work, known as Requisite Organization, becomes the standard by which all other organizational development programs are measured.

What is Science Based Management?

Science based management is a unified whole system for effective managerial leadership that is integrated, flexible, fair and effectively productive. Learn more about science based management by clicking here.

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