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Requisite Organization is the only systematically scientific approach to management. A unified whole system for effective managerial leadership that is integrated, flexible, fair and effectively productive.



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Welcome to the Requisite Organization International Institute

The Requisite Organization International Institute was established in 1999 to provide support and services to those engaged in the implementation and further development of the work on human organizational development begun by Elliott Jaques as Stratified Systems Theory over fifty years ago.

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About Science Based Management


Requisite Organization is the term created by Elliott Jaques to refer to the only systematically scientific approach to the effective management of work systems, including structure, managerial leadership processes and human resources. The concepts and practices embedded in Requisite Organization are the result of the systematic application of numerous scientific discoveries about the nature of work and the nature of each individual’s capacity for work.

The Evolution of RO
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Elliott Jaques began the work behind Requisite Organization in 1932 after receiving his PhD from Harvard. In 1947, the foundation that would become RO was put into place.


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